Monday, 18 March 2013

Assignment #2

Creative Idol. Creative people that you can get inspired of. And it could be anyone!

How do you define creative people? Someone is consider as creative when...? For me, it depends on how you yourself define creative. Each one of us defines creative in our own way and explanations. Creativity is such a subjective beast.

My passion is cooking (eventhough I cook once in a blue moon. haha). I just love it and anything that related to cooking! So, my creative idol is HESTON BLUMENTHAL! I bet not many people recognize this name but if you're into F&B area, Heston is like the father of modern cooking. Taraaaa! It could be said that he is a molecular gastronomist though Heston dislikes the term because it sounds 'complicated' and 'elitist'. What on earth is molecular gastronomy?! In chef's term, it means culinary physics and experimental cuisine. In simple explanation, this cooking method involved science; chemistry, physics, in cooking.

Let me give you some info about Heston Blumenthal. He is best known for his flamboyant and creative approach to preparing food. He runs the Fat Duck which is a three Michelin Starred restaurant in Bray, Berkshire, UK. The term 'Michelin Star' is a hallmark of fine dining quality, and for Fat Duck, three stars means exceptional cuisine and worth a special journey and often extremely expensive (I would love to go there but considering that I'm still studying, jobless = 0 income, plus the cost yada yada...only time can tell).

For me, Heston Blumenthal is a creative person because he dares to 'play' or experiment with his cuisine by combining science and culinary, and that is something that not everyone can do. He shows that creativity can be applied anywhere (even in food!) and takes food to a new level. Some people may say that cooking is just chopping onion, marinating chicken, frying eggs, but it is actually more than that. Who says cooking doesn't need creativity? When you want to sell your foods or beverages during fasting season at Pasar Ramadhan. We're talking about hundreds of stall, my darling. You can sell just ordinary looking karipap, or rainbow colored of karipap that will surely attract attention and of course customers! Talking about being creative, ey.

Back to Heston's story (hehe), his cooking method required huge amount of creativity. He always said that it's not just one shot and he will get the results that he wanted, there's trial and error involved. There is no right or wrong. If you think that something or an artwork is creative, you must have explanation or reason to support it. By being creative, it does mean being different from others and Heston did it. As quoted from an interview with Heston Blumenthal,

From my point of view I’d say the biggest benefit that science has had on my cooking is my achieving consistency.  So, you have an idea, then you develop a dish and then you obviously have to get that dish onto the menu in the restaurant.  Then you have a team of people who you need to execute that dish day-in and day-out.  So the science really helps that, as you can really pinpoint steps in the recipe.  In terms of creativity I wouldn't say that science does any more than give you a few tools in the box…

Heston Blumenthal - Sound of the Sea
"Sound of the Sea"

"Flowerpot Tiramisu"

"Hansel and Gretel's edible house"

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