Sunday, 10 March 2013

Assignment #1

This quote is taken from Steuart Henderson Britt, Marketing Management and Administrative Action. I couldn’t agree more on what was said by him where without advertising, a business may not be successful. And what is more important and the key here is strategy! Winking at a girl in the dark…well, is not a good strategy you see, to get the girl’s attention and notice you at the same time. Same goes in doing business. Of course, the purpose of you build up a business is to generate money, to get profit and to tell the world (or the consumers) the existence of your business.

For example, you’re thinking of open up a burger stall in the area of shop lot in Section 2. Right now, there are already at least 3 burger stalls over there exclude those who sells it in the foodcourt near the shop lot, if any. You can’t just go there, start flipping burgers and expect people to come and buy your burger. Yes, sometimes there are people who eager to try ‘new burger in the block’ but the chances are slim. They already have eaten the same good ol’ burger for long period and maybe immune to that kind of burger. This is where the advertising’s roles come in. There are many kinds of advertisements nowadays; from word-of-mouths to the big signboard, TV commercials to the social networking sites. Try put up a teaser banner about ‘the new burger in town’ at the stall, post picture of your big size burger with the fillings all coming out in Facebook or Instagram, and tell them that it’s free on the opening day! For most of the time, the real burger will not going to look like what they see in advertisements. Advertisings always lie, they said. But hey, if you don’t lie, you won’t get what you want. THIS IS LIFE, MY FRIENDS!

Let’s go back to the winking at a girl in the dark situation. IF, you’re winking at the girl during day time; in the morning or in the afternoon or in a room full of lights, of course there will be people see what you’re doing. IF the people that see you then turn out to be the-girl-you’re-winking-at-friend’s…wallah, it’s a SCORE! They might realize it and might help you lead to the next step of the love story of the year. And in advertising term, the girl’s friends = the advertisers (those who helps you plan the strategy on how to get the girl, or in business situation – grab consumers’ attention about your products/services and make them aware about it and then buy it!).

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